Study On Generalized BK-5th Recurrent Finsler Space

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Adel Mohammed Ali Al-Qashbari
Saeedah Mohammed Saleh Baleedi


Abstract. In this paper, we present a novel new class and investigate the connection between the K-projective curvature tensor and other tensors of Finsler space  , this space is characterized by the property for Cartan’s 4th curvature tensor  satisfies the certain relationship with the given covariant vectors field, we define this space as a generalized -  recurrent space and denote it briefly by -  . This paper aims to derive the fifth-order Berwald covariant derivatives of the torsion tensor  and the deviation tensor  . Additionally, it demonstrates that the curvature vector  , the curvature vector  , and the curvature scalar  are all non-vanishing within the considered space. We have identified tensors that exhibit self-similarity under specific conditions. Furthermore, we have established the necessary and sufficient conditions for certain tensors in this space to have equal fifth-order Berwald covariant derivatives with their lower-order counterparts.


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Al-Qashbari, A. M. A., & Saeedah Mohammed Saleh Baleedi. (2024). Study On Generalized BK-5th Recurrent Finsler Space. Computational Mathematics and Its Applications, 1(1), 009–020. (Original work published December 7, 2023)

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